Our expert leather craftsmen have been proudly producing fine leather briefcases and backpacks in USA for over 20 years . All our products are made in our factory in Arizona, using full grain leather hides, solid brass hardware and are soft glove leather linings. Our entire collection is backed by our lifetime warranty and is available only at customhide.com.
In addition to the leather briefcases and backpacks that can be purchased with custom options in our collection, we offer an option of modifying or custom building a leather briefcase or a leather backpack to exclusively serve your needs. So instead of having to settle down for a briefcase or a backpack where all the details and specifics are chosen for you, have one custom-made to fit your own personal needs.








Scholar 3 Compartment w/Pockets



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For twenty years, Custom Hide has made quality, handcrafted bags at an amazing value. Their medium-sized Classic Briefcase is the perfect size for many. With easy access push-lock closures beneath the straps, sown leather edges, customizable options, and the beautiful leather itself, the attention to detail is stunning. This is the briefcase emoji in real life. And if you need more room, their Scholar is the perfect upgrade. All the standard features, but with two compartments and two front pockets. These bags aren't for the mountain man. They are for the professional who loves clean, classic impeccable lines. Pair one with your Jaguar and you are set

We take pride in our work and relationship with our customers. Following unedited testimonials are typical of the high praise we receive for our products and services
Beautiful and heavy-duty!October 9, 2017
Reviewer: Devin M. from Virginia, United States
This is a beautiful briefcase, elegantly designed and extremely professional in appearance. Despite its sleek looks, however, the high-quality leather is extremely tough. I've worried about tearing and rips with some other leather goods, but not this briefcase -it's as tough and durable as a saddle. I don't anticipate having to buy another briefcase for a long, long time - but if I do, or if I buy one as a gift for someone, I will absolutely come to Custom Hide before looking anywhere else. Wonderful customer service, too!
Organizer BriefcaseJune 22, 2017
Reviewer: David Arcuri from Centralia, WA United States
This Custom Hide Briefcase is by far, the most durable, useful briefcase I have ever owned. I have had mine for 15 years and just bought this one for my son. He loves it. Stylish, rugged, practical. PERFECT. Every lawyer should have one, in my small community of 55 lawyers, I know of 5 who do, and we all love them.

1945 US Army four compartmentFebruary 25, 2017
Reviewer: Marcelo Guarnieri from Rancate, Ticino Switzerland
Hello to everybody who will read this message . Throughout the years , I purchased and used many different bags , heavenly used in and out of the cockpits of different airplanes , most of them didn't last to long , but most of All ,I wasn't completely satisfied because either quality and space was missing , until I found after a long research through Internet , this company , and surprise me the high quality leather , the space and the format and the extra choices I could add to my bag ,. ... So if somebody is looking for something durable , made in high quality leather ... Go for it
My special thanks also to Custom Hide for sending it , in the prescribed date of my arrival in New York.
Capt. Marcelo Guarnieri
Cargolux Airline

Absolutely outstanding briefcase! ORGANIZER- September 5, 2016
Reviewer: Brent Cotton from Woodbridge, VA United States
I wanted to provide a brief note by way of thanks for the very fast production and delivery - made it just in time for me to leave on a lengthy "sabbatical" in warmer climes. The craftsmanship is second to none and I am very pleased with the custom touches that you added to my briefcase to make it my own; I know there is not another one in the world like it! While I have not yet been able to put it through its paces, the leather and stitching is of outstanding quality and the nice touches such as the rivets on the stress points will ensure that it will stand up to a lifetime of use. I know that my kids (and grandkids!) will be enjoying this bag. Thanks again - it is great to see such craftsmanship alive and well in the USA.

I will be recommending your company to any acquaintance that is in the market for quality leather products.

Best regards,
Brent Cotton
Customer service as good as the product SCHOLAR THREE COMPARTMENT W/POCKETS - August 9, 2016
Reviewer: Dylan Oehler-Stricklin from Davis, CA United States

I contacted Custom Hide immediately after I discovered their website. I had been searching for the perfect scholar type briefcase to give my son as an off to college gift, and I knew I'd found it as soon as I saw the site and read the reviews. The problem was that I had less than two weeks before his departure. Upon Custom Hide's assurance that they could deliver it rush, I ordered the scholar three compartment with pockets briefcase. They came through. No hitches, no confusion, just total, simple competence. The briefcase arrived on time, and it is a work of art. I've never spent anything like this kind of money on a briefcase or bag, but I have not had a second of buyer's remorse. The quality of the materials and workmanship is clear before you pick the thing up; my son said he didn't want his initials on it because he's already planning to pass it on to his grandchildren. When he does, I'm sure it will look even better than it does now.

Better than expected 1945 US ARMY TWO COMPARTMENT - August 27, 2016
Reviewer: From Connecticut

I received my briefcase yesterday and was struck by how well made it is, not overbuilt like some with clasps you'd use to tow a truck. This bag exudes a masculine elegance which makes it very versatile, you could carry it into virtually any scenario and be right at home. I'm in awe, and glad I chose this briefcase over the others I had on my list.


Reviewer: Benjamin from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

My lightly customized Scholar three compartment with pockets arrived today and I am thrilled with how it turned out. The leather is strong yet supple, and is perfectly stitched. The color is rich and even; this is a beautiful briefcase that is clearly the result of careful attention to detail from an expert craftsman. I will carry this with pride for years to come -- thank you!
Benjamin D. Albers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology and
Chairman, Faculty Executive Committee
Bridgewater College

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how well your product is holding up. It appears that most of the testimonials you get are from people who have just received their brand new bag and are, like I was, instantly smitten. This testimonial is different. I have had my three-compartment Scholar bag for approximately ten years now. It has traveled with me as carry-on luggage, literally all over the world and has been subjected to abusive field conditions that even a ballistic nylon bag would shrink from. It is still in as fine a shape as the day I received it, and if anything, is even more beautiful. The leather finish has taken on the burnished patina that only long use can provide. (I frequently get stopped in airports and asked where I got the “beautiful antique” bag.) The seams are as tight as the day they were stitched, the handle and straps, (which have borne far more weight than they were probably designed for), are still as sturdy as ever and show no signs of needing to use the lifetime warranty. You all should take extreme pride in the quality of your craftsmanship, a rare commodity in today’s world of cheaply made, throwaway products. I truly believe that this bag is an heirloom that I will pass on to one of my sons....but hopefully not for a long time. So, if any prospective customers that are reading this and are hesitating about ordering because they think that the beauty of these bags is only skin deep, rest assured. You will not regret your purchase.

Paul Steensland, President
Paul Steensland & Associates, LLC
International Wildfire Investigation, Training and Forensic Consultants

Just checking in—a couple weeks ago I received the briefcase via UPS, and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship (you may quote me if you like). The delays were entirely worth it—and I am especially grateful for the chance to add the luggage strap to the order at the last minute.

Rev. Forrest Claassen, Stated Clerk
Los Ranchos Presbytery
PO Box 910
Anaheim, CA 92815
(714) 956-3691 (w)
(208) 816-1380 (c)My Scholar briefcase with custom 1945-style handle arrived today. It is beautiful. It is perfect. It is amazing. Thank you for providing a level of honest service and hand craftsmanship that seems to have all but vanished in today's disposable world. The price truly seems unbelievably low considering what you have created. I am and will continue to be a vocal fan of Custom Hide.

Michael Dukes
Dear Sirs
This to let you know that my order 8315 of a US army style brief case arrived safely at last this morning.
It was well worth the wait and I would recommend this product highly to anyone needing or wanting a case with this specification.
It seems a beautiful product, equally smart and very functional for my needs.
Thank you for putting up with my correspondence over the last few weeks.

Best regards
Dr Philip Marriott
Crowborough, England.

I received the Barrister Laptop briefcase today.
It is truly a fine piece of craftsmanship and I am most proud of it having received a very nice compliment on it within one hour of having it. Also, I am very impressed with the quality of the work of the interior. It is certainly much more than I expected and am most pleased with the product. Thank you all again for your attention to the detail and overall professionalism in your product. I do think your products represent the best of what American craftsmanship has to offer.
Best regards,

Ronnie Lynn Holley,
U.S. Department of Defense.

I purchased my 1945 US Army briefcase 2 years ago in preparation for my promotion to a new (for me) position in national security. I received a lot a compliments from colleagues on the aesthetics of the briefcase. But, when I told them it was a reproduction of the classified courier bags soldiers used in the '40s I got a lot of rolling of the eyes. That was the case until our team had occasion to visit NSA HQ at Ft. Meade recently where a photo (circa 1943) was displayed that prominently featured an Army officer carrying my briefcase. Thanks for that.

John Bucholtz
Washington DC

I received my briefcase on May 15th. It was packaged securely and well.
The briefcases construction has easily exceeded my expectations. It is well stitched, sturdily built, has a nice supple feel, and is simply beautiful!
I will be proud to carry this briefcase around and show it to my friends. Yes, the wait was long, but with the briefcase in my hand - it was well worth it!
I'll be ordering a backpack later this year. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making these good things in America!

James Manou, Crevex Co.

My son was just commissioned as a officer in the U S ARMY and graduated from Western University, Illinois. I got him the replica of the 1945 US Army briefcase, and a U S flag that had been flown from the Capitol building in Washington, DC. Both will serve him well until he retires.
Mike ward
Mt. Morris, IL

I have to say that I am SO PLEASED with my purchase from Custom Hide. Your product is truly a masterpiece of skillful precision and quality. I would never really consider myself one to submit something like this, but I have to tell you that the absolute beauty of my Scholar Laptop bag must be praised. Thank you so much for the unique attention to detail and for your skillful craftsmanship. The bag is incredibly sturdy and tough, but it also has a sophistication and beauty about it that can only be found in American craftsmanship. I love my briefcase so much that, in fact, I ordered a backpack last week and can't wait to receive it for graduate school. Keep up the good work. I will certainly recommend you to others, and I look forward to doing business with your company for years to come.

Sincerely, Brent L.

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