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Our leather briefcase collection is handmade in the United States by our adept leather craftsmen, incorporating integrity and a determination for perfection.

We have been proudly manufacturing our leather briefcases in USA since 1997.

Our mission is to manufacture quality leather briefcases for everyday professionals. "We know that by offering a quality hand-crafted leather briefcase at the best prices possible, we expand our satisfied and loyal customer base every day"

Here at Custom Hide, we'd love to create you a custom leather laptop briefcase that meets all of your personal and professional needs. Our extensive catalog of leatherwork includes cases, satchels, backpacks, holsters, and much more, and it's all customizable, allowing you to get the best leather briefcase money can buy. Speaking of money, you won't have to break the bank... while these are quality leather products at appropriate prices, they remain very affordable for the quality you receive. We'd be happy to provide you with your new favorite business briefcase.

In today's world, it can be difficult to find a quality, affordable leather bag that marries both a classic, professional look and appropriate storage for all your technology. Are you looking for a leather laptop briefcase that's in the style of a 1945 Army satchel, but are unable to find it anywhere? Not a problem. Our experienced craftsmen in our Arizona factory will create a handmade bag that's exactly what you're looking for. Not only to we love custom projects, but we insist on making the best leather briefcase possible by using only the highest quality materials, such as brass hardware and full grain leather. Every product we make is constructed right here in the USA in our Arizona factory, so you always know you're getting an American-made product and supporting American business.

Whether you're a high-powered businessperson or a university professor, you need a classy way to transport your necessary technology, files, and paperwork. Contact us today at 1-888-624-2448 and let us get started on crafting you the perfect leather laptop briefcase. We are so proud of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware, zippers, and craftsmanship.

What makes us unique is, our ability to produce an individually customized leather briefcase built to your exact specifications. So instead of having to settle down for a case where the details have already been predetermined, simply have one custom-made to fit your needs.

Each leather briefcase in our collection is hand-crafted using the best quality full grain leathers & backed by our Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship, zippers, and hardware for as long as you own your briefcase.
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Organizer leather laptop briefcase Ranger leather laptop briefcase Ranger leather laptop 3 compartment briefcase
Price: $469.00
Barrister leather laptop briefcase Scholar leather laptop briefcase 1492-Schor-Leather-Laptop-Briefcase.jpg
Price: $469.00
1945 US Army Leather Briefcase Two Compartment 9191-US-Army-Leather-Laptop-Briefcases.jpg 1945 US Army Leather Laptop Briefcase Four Compartment
Advocate Leather Laptop Briefcase Litigator Leather Laptop Briefcase Oversized Scholar leather laptop w/pockets briefcase
Litigator Briefcase
Price: $539.00
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IndestructibleFebruary 10, 2015
Reviewer: Andreas Kolb from Vienna, Austria
I bought my Scholar Laptop in 2009. It's very roomy, plenty of space inside not only for laptops. If you have to carry some bigger ring binders they fit in just as well. I usually have one big ring binder in it, text books, a lunch box, spare ammunition (when I go to the range after work/college), etc. There is just so much room in it.

This thing is also extremely durable, it's utterly indestructible.

My daily use of it is for college and work. I used to have a different "to go bag" that I used for carrying drink, maps, and other kit when I was on vacation, but I've stopped using that one because the Scholar excels at that as well.

So this bag has now accompanied me over a dozen times to Japan and China, has been exposed to the elements, from extreme cold on Hokkaido and Aomori and the Austrian Alps to tropical sea weather on Okinawa and in almost 6 years it has not failed me even once.

It's incredible.

Black Leather Organizer Laptop BriefcaseFebruary 28, 2015
Reviewer: Commander Damion Killsback from Washington, D.C., United States
Wow! This Leather Briefcase is better than I have ever expected! The quality of the leather, antiqued brass hardware, construction, craftsmanship, fit and finish are well worth the cost! I am an Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and I will use this briefcase everyday throughout the rest of my career!