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We take pride in our work and relationship with our customers.
Unedited testimonials below are typical of the high praise that we receive for our products and service.

Dear Custom Hide,
    I received my customized 1945 Army briefcase  today.  Despite the delays with obtaining the lock and lining, it arrived exactly on the day of your estimate.  The design is exactly as I requested; everything reinforced, the monogram as I requested, the color even better in person...  This is the happiest I have been with a custom product in a long time.  Your customer service truly is top notch; both over the phone and by email.  Your devotion to the customer and work ethic is the highest I have witnessed in years; I have been treated as more than just a customer.  The case itself is fantastic.  The leather is thick, yet still supple and buttery smooth.  The strap is padded and comfortable, and the overall appearance is simply stunning.  This case has instantly become one of my most prized possessions, along with my bespoke Art Fawcett VS fedora, and my vintage 1930's pinstripe suit.  I look forward to proudly using it for many years to come.  I highly recommend Custom Hide for the design of any briefcase needs; for their fantastic customer service, outstanding craftsmanship, and not to mention their unconditional guarantee on all elements of the product.
Thanks much,
Kind regards,

Hey Let me tell you guys how much I appreciate your customer service and attention to detail. I take my bag on trips all across the country week after week and continually get compliments and I always proudly tell them custom hides! Thanks for everything you guys are awesome.


Shane Colvin

CAE SimuFlite
Citation Sales Representative

Dear Custom Hide,

I received the Counselor and it's a work of art. Thank you and I'll keep you in mind for future purchases.

Nick Zalany

Jencen Architecture
2850 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115
216-781-0131 ext 113 fax 216-781-0134

My Husband was looking around on the internet and found your site. He told me about the large backpack you have and he wanted it.
I didn't say much about it. Christmas time rolled around and for his present I ordered one with his initials on it.
It arrived in perfect time and is a wonderful product.
He was so pleased and surprised.
He takes it everywhere with him.
Thank you for making such a fine product and great customer service.
I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from you again.

Marsha Doxey

I normally don't provide testimonials for online purchases, but I really have to share my enthusiasm about my purchase.

I bought the barrister laptop bag for my husband's birthday. Initially I was a little apprehensive because you're not a high-profile retailer. However, the testimonials on your website were full of praise for your service and the product, so I took the plunge... And I was overwhelmed by the outstanding quality of the bag. It's absolutely gorgeous. And now, I have to admit that I'm envious that I don't have a Customhide bag of my own!

It's obvious from the quality of the leather itself and from the workmanship that this bag is top-of-the-line and worth every penny. My husband has even been stopped by perfect strangers who want to inspect and admire the bag! We continue to pass the Customhide name on to people who want to know more.

The customer service is excellent, too. I had some questions about shipping to Canada and a request to extend the exchange date. Your staff responded quickly and were very accommodating.

Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Aimee Huff
Richard Ivey School of Business

Dear Custom Hide,
I just got my new briefcase today and it is spectacular. Your customer service was also outstanding. If any other potential customers are reading this, get off the fence. Buy from Custom Hide.

You won't regret it.

Just wanted to drop you a line about my new scholar laptop briefcase. As I read in so many of your testimonials, I too was hesitant--despite looking in many stores for nearly a year--to order a new briefcase from a website, but like everyone else I am very pleased. The construction and attention to detail is superb, the bag looks great, and it is very hefty and will hold lots of work as I tote it around campus and to home and back. It's just what I was looking for and was a great Christmas present for myself. Thanks again for making such a super product and for shipping it so quickly.
Alexander J. Werth, Ph.D.
Elliott Associate Professor of Biology
Director, Honors Program
Hampden-Sydney College

Dear Customhide folks,

I usually don't take the time to write companies regarding their products but this time a response is fully in order.
I purchased a Large Backpack (Black) last summer from your website, the item arrived quickly and it was everything you said it would be and more. I was immediately taken with the overall look and quality. What's more impressive is that after a year of very hard use, it looks just as nice as the day it arrived.
I am a musician and I routinely weigh the bag down with music books, cables, microphones, tuners and anything else I can stuff in there, it's performance is second to none. Not to mention, I have had many comments from my colleagues regarding the appearance and quality, I gave them your URL.
Lastly, I am so glad to know that such fine products are still made right here in the USA by great American craft-people, you guys deserve all the accolades for a job well done. I can't see any reason why I would ever want a bag made by anyone else.

James Robinson
Orchestra Director
State College Area High School
(814) 231-1156

What a finely crafted product!!!!! I scoured the internet for three months trying to find a product that would deliver the class and quality I was looking for at a price I could afford. I am happy to say that I have found such a product. I have had my briefcase for two days and have already received loads of compliments and inquiries. When asked if there was anything I would do differently I replied, "I would ask Custom Hide to include 100 business cards with each purchase...after all, its much easier to give people who envy my bag a card rather than recite my whole story."

Thanks again for providing such a finely crafted product for such a reasonable price. BTW--did I mention that there is also a lifetime warranty that comes with each and every purchase? Need I say more?

Thomas Tyndall
NC State University

Today I received the Scholar laptop briefcase.  My replacement for a beloved 13 year old case. That case certainly did the job but I needed a new one.
What a pleasant surprise and wonderful replacement!   This Custom Hide case is beautiful.  The padding for my laptop is great and the workmanship is outstanding.   I can't tell you how pleased I am.  The pictures do not do it justice. I trusted the views of others on their website and I agree.
 Please buy from this company.  I looked at Piel and some Coach products and they can't touch the beauty and value of a CH product.  I don't usually gush this much but when a product is this good I can't help it. My wife ( a lawyer) helped me pick it out but she was skeptical as well.  She is now jealous.  Good job and it was worth the 3 week wait!  BTW each time I emailed the CH staff they responded within 24 hours!  I have already recommended CH and look forward to working with them again.

Mark Swanson
Cup o' Joe/Staufs Coffee Roasters
Columbus Ohio

Dear Custom Hide

In case you are wondering about the different names and addresses... our company, Absolute Software, held a contest, and the prize giveaway was a "Beautiful Laptop Briefcase" - and your product was the nicest we could find in the "under $300 price range".

Matt Fisher
Marketing Writer

Absolute Software Corp.
Keep IT Simple. Keep IT Safe.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I received my Original Backpack yesterday and couldn't be more pleased.  I am amazed you can produce such a high quality product at such a reasonable price.  As soon as my wife can decide which style she prefers, I will be ordering another for her use.
Best wishes,
Roy J. Johnson, P.E.
Sacramento, CA  95824

I received my case today and I'm extremely impressed with it. The leather and workmanship are first class and I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

Many thanks,
Ed Milton,
Guildford, Surrey, UK

To the personnel of Customhide,

I purchased one of your briefcases, the scholar with three compartments and pockets, in August of 2003. This product not only met my expectations, it exceeded them.
I began my search for briefcases attempting to find that “classic look.” I wanted the type of brief case you see in movies; I wanted the briefcase with the flap, the straps, the briefcase that would give that classic feel and aura. I searched through many business catalogues looking for this and found many reproductions usually in vinyl. This is not what I wanted.
When I began my search on the web, you were one of the first sites I found. You also were the only site with what I wanted. You had that classic looking briefcase. I have to admit to sticker shock at first. However, when I compared your prices with other sites I had found on the web and the prices of “leather” stores near me, you were inexpensive.
The briefcase has never failed to satisfy. I have the briefcase with the look I want. I had a number of friends who had purchased similar looking briefcases. They were very distraught over my purchase. Their briefcases had not lasted them more that a year with regular wear and usage. I can say that coupled with its spectacular looks is its durability and functional ability. I carry everything I need to daily conduct business. I have occasionally had scratches on my case but through your directions it looks great and is doing great.
I recommend your product to anyone who asks about my briefcase and tell them it is worth the investment. Thank you for making a great product. You all should have great pride in your work.

Everett Johnson
May 15, 2005

Email at:
Email at:

I just received my order # 3293, thank you. I also wanted to pass along some feedback about the bag. I just opened the box and I started to organize the bag. After doing so, I realized that I just bought a very well made product that looks really classy. The bag is very well made and something that I’m glad I waited for.
I very please with the bag and I look forward to using it for many years.
Thank you and thank you for making this in the USA.

William J. LaCouture Jr.
The Stanley Works
National Account Manager

I recently received my Brown Ranger Laptop briefcase and all I can say is that I stunned. The quality, the look and the feel of this case are outstanding. I have seen similar items for much more. Every other professor and graduate student in the department is jealous of the case! Outstanding!

Allan Dawson
Department of Anthropology
McGill University
Montr�al, Quebec, Canada

I received my Original Large Backpack this week (07/18/06). I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. It has ample room for my Apple. The backpack demonstrates remarkable craftsmanship and quality. Its also a real pleasure to read 'Made in USA' on the inside pocket. Best regards.
L. S.


There is no other word to describe my new scholar briefcase from custom hide. It is the absolute best. You handled the special custom detail of nickel plated hardware with a quality unheard of by literally every other case I've looked at. This has been a long quest but the search was worth every second. I'm buddies with the man who owns Brooks Brothers and simply cannot wait to show him my web find! As editor in chief of a magazine extensively devoted to style and quality I look forward to showing off my Scholar to all my fashionista work cohorts.
My only problem now is figuring out now how to justify getting another custom hide product. Perhaps a backpack version of one of the ranger cases is my next option. I've also seen testimonials requesting that you get into other leather products. I second that emotion.

Thanks again for a case well done!

212 274 7187

James J. Spina
Editor in Chief
20/20 Magazine
Jobson Publications

Thanks for a great product

Just wanted to drop you a line about my new scholar laptop briefcase. As I read in so many of your testimonials, I too was hesitant--despite looking in many stores for nearly a year--to order a new briefcase from a website, but like everyone else I am very pleased. The construction and attention to detail is superb, the bag looks great, and it is very hefty and will hold lots of work as I tote it around campus and to home and back. It's just what I was looking for and was a great Christmas present for myself. Thanks again for making such a super product and for shipping it so quickly.
Alex Werth
Alexander J. Werth, Ph.D.
Elliott Associate Professor of Biology
Director, Honors Program
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943
(434)223-6326, fax 223-6374

I'm so pleased with my 1945 Briefcase so I posted some photos on the Fedora Lounge and Ask Andy About Clothes forums along with some photos.
Here's the links:  

Dears Sirs,

I received my new Scholar Laptop Briefcase with Pockets last week, just as quick as promised, and just in time for my first ever appearance in a courtroom to argue a case. If the stunning good looks of that briefcase did not add to quality of my presentation, it certainly at least added to my confidence - I won.

I was initially hesitant to order a bag of this price based only on internet presence, but I placed my order anyway, thinking that I might well rely on the return policy. What a pleasant surprise when the bag arrived! I knew the moment I opened the box that I would be carrying this bag proudly for many years to come. Thank you so much!

Now if only you would produce a classic Doctor's Bag (perhaps with two handles and a central locking clasp), I will be ready to order another bag right away. Your products are outstanding.

Very truly yours,
Jim Martyn

I want to thank you for my recent purchase. The Craftsmanship and Quality of this briefcase is impressive. A few of my colleagues thought this was a Coach briefcase, my response was "it's better than a Coach and more affordable!"  I am extremely satisfied and confident this will be the last briefcase I will have to purchase. I only wish you offered other products as

Anthony Carpentier
General Manager-Operations
Logistics Coordinators Limited
Phone  201-571-0407
Cell    201-988-9725
Fax    201-307-0634

Perfect Christmas!!!

Dear Custom Hide,

Thanks so much for helping make my husband's Christmas PERFECT!! The black Ranger briefcase I gave him was the best present ever!! After spending weeks looking in every leather, luggage, and business store in the region and on the internet I found your site with its beautiful briefcases. Admittedly it was a bit of risk to purchase it without seeing it up close, but a quick call to your office and I was assured it would be the one -- and that if wasn't a return would be quick & painless!! Well you all don't lie about it being the one -- so we we'll have to trust you about how easy returns are!!! The case was everything you claimed & more -- the craftsmanship on it is impeccable, style classic, and quality outstanding! You could pay 2x this for bags not as nice!!!! It is so nice that my mother-in-law(who is devoted to a different leather company that begins with a C) said that she wish she had gotten one!! Really it is the PERFECT briefcase -- and helped make my husband's Christmas Perfect.

Thanks & Happy Holidays,

Kathie Ebaugh, Baltimore, MD

PS... When I graduate from grad school in May hopefully someone will get one for me. ..

After many years of having an off the rack type bag, I have finally found the perfect bag. My laptop bag arrived two weeks ago and every where I travel I'm asked about the bag. The quality of the workmanship and the overall look are first-class.

Many thanks for a well made job.

Thomas E. Bridge
Chief Executive Officer
Media Management, Inc./St. Louis

Customer Service:

I've been meaning to write you for several days to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Scholar 3 compartment w/pockets briefcase. I hope this testimonial helps to convince those that may have some hesitations or doubts on purchasing from Custom Hide sight-unseen, to rest assured that they will be receiving a superior product!
I was speechless when I opened the box (thank you on the quick delivery) my Scholar briefcase is simply perfect. Better than anything I imagined Inside & Out. I would like to congratulate you and your craftsmen on a job that truly exceeded my expectations. Many people have noticed my new briefcase, and I am very proud to show it off. Please pass on to your craftsmen that I REALLY appreciate the superior workmanship they have put forth in producing this briefcase. They did a fantastic job! It isn’t often you get superior craftsmanship and quality materials when ordering a product through the mail or on the Internet.
I did have to get use to putting something this beautiful to daily use, and I dreaded putting the first scratches on it. It did happen of course, so I followed your suggestions on caring for the briefcase and was very relieved to see that it looks good-as-new.
I also wanted to comment on the water resistance of my briefcase. Because I live in Hawaii, water resistant material is very important. I was caught up in a sudden shower of rain and am happy to report that the rain beaded and rolled off the outer surface of my briefcase and my paperwork stayed completely dry. Very impressive!
Thank you for your excellent product and service.


Lilia Roberts
Area Director
Special Olympics Hawaii
Windward Oahu Area

Good morning,
I received my Original Backpack yesterday and I love it. It's everything I hoped for and more. I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it. Thank you for your great service and quality of work. I wish now you would make handbags. Whether you do or not you have a customer for life and I would tell anyone about your Website. Thanks again, Mary

E. L. Margetts & Sons, Inc.
Off 97 Ward Street
Hingham, MA 02043
Phone: 781-749-0559
Fax:: 781-740-5049

Dear Custom Hide,
I was just given a Scholar three compartment from a good friend of mine. You see I have been wanting one of these for over a year but was unwilling to spend a lot of money for something I couldn't "touch and feel". He was tired of listening to me complain about how inferior the briefcases I was currently using were so he purchased it for me.
I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I opened the box! The quality is exceptional and this is exactly what I wanted. I can tell you that I will be tossing my other briefcases away later today. You folks have earned a customer for life. Great Job!

Sean Grady
Adjunct Professor
Eastern Nazarene College
Quincy, MA

Dear Custom Hide,
I recently purchased the scholar convertible briefcase after an extensive search of local as well as online briefcase retailers.  Your bag looked like others I'd found that cost nearly twice the price.  I was hoping it would perform and feel like one of that quality when I received it.  It has more than met my expectations.  I hope to carry it for many years.
I was grateful for the customer testimonials on your site, because they were what ultimately convinced me to give the scholar a try.  So, here's mine. Thanks for a great product.
 Kelly Searsmith, Ph.D.
 Visiting Lecturer, Dept. of English
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

My "Scholar" briefcase arrived the other day. It looks great. Now, if it wears as well as it looks it will be an outstanding value. I'm an attorney and have had several more expensive cases but this is absolutely the best looking by far. Thank you.

Bill Bowen

Dear Custom Hide:
I've just received the customized "scholar" briefcase for a laptop. The briefcase not only met all my specifications, but also exceeded my expectations in its construction and its attention to details.
What I wanted was nothing less than an ideal briefcase that could accommodate multiple functions: 1) as a practical and commodious briefcase that can hold books, files and papers for a busy academic, yet with minimum bulk and weight for negotiating the crowded public transportation system of New York City, 2) as a secure means of transport for a laptop computer and its accessories, and 3) as a overnight bag for frequent short trips for conference attendance's.
Your customer service department was just terrific. In addition to details to meet the above rather greedy wish list for one "super" briefcase, I've added numerous other detailed customizing, reflecting my idiosyncrasies from minute ergonomic specifications of the exact placement of the external side pockets to lockable zippers, detachable computer slip, extra padding for the shoulder straps, variations in the placement of the organizer functions and much more. I was quite uncompromising and exacting in what I required. But you've responded to the barrage of my detailed e-mails with good humour and commitment to highest standard. Moreover, your professional advice was invaluable in coming up with ideal design solutions for what I required. You worked with me every step of the way to get "exactly what I wanted."  Knowing myself to be not the easiest person to please, I am very grateful for your patience, professionalism and commitment to quality.
And above all, of course - the final product, the briefcase, is really superb. I'm convinced that there's not a one like it. And I must also add that your price for all this detailed customizing was unbelievably reasonable and affordable - which really is an incredible thing, considering how much most of us usually spend for less satisfactory brand name items that, after all, is made for numerous unspecified consumers instead of it being something completely special to oneself like the briefcase you've made me.
Thank you once again. Count me in as your loyal customer - though the briefcase you've made me is built so sturdily that I can't imagine needing it replaced any time soon - I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone "questing" for a perfect briefcase.

Katsuyo Motoyoshi
New York, N.Y.

Hey there! I just had to write to tell how wonderful your backpacks are. I actually ordered 2. The first was the Sonoma. I was so excited when I ordered it that I reminded everyone at work that it would be coming to the office. When I received it I couldn't tell you how impressed I was with the quality. I previously ordered another from the internet that I immediately sent back. The two do not compare!! I was so happy that
2wks later I ordered the Rustler. The Sonoma I ordered in the brown so this one I ordered in the Whiskey. Very impressive!!!! When I decide to order anything else you better believe that I will come to you. I only have one request. Please make handbags and wallets!!! :)
Thank you so much!!
Jennifer Panzino
Vineland, NJ

Customer Service

Well it has been only two days since receiving my Scholar w/3 Compartments & Pockets, and I must say I have nothing but kudos for this fine product. In comparing to all the other products I had the opportunity to inspect first hand they do not compare AT ALL. My experience with Custom Hide has been nothing short of enjoyable. You definitely have won a customer for life.
Thank you.
Michael Lamore, PE
Project Engineer

I just wanted to let you know that I received my backpack yesterday and I was overwhelmed by its beauty.  I can't wait to begin using it. I can tell from its construction that it will be a product that I will have for a lifetime.  I have ordered many items
over the internet and no one has ever exceeded my expectations the way you have. Be assured that I am telling everyone I know about your wonderful products.
Beth Miller

I recently ordered a brown Slinger with brushed nickel hardware. I was hesitant at first to order a leather briefcase on the internet without being able to see the quality first hand; however, I was very surprised when I received it. The quality and the craftsmanship of the exterior was way more than I ever imagined. The custom hardware was just what I wanted and I could hardly believe the attention to detail and the quality of the interior leather lining. I had at least a dozen compliments on the briefcase in the first week upon receiving it.
I did a lot of research before purchasing from Custom Hide and I can honestly say the quality and the price does not compare to the large, national, and name brand leather companies or any other leather manufacturer for that matter. I have referred Custom Hide to all of my friends and colleagues. My only wish is that Custom Hide made leather furniture as well!
Scott Spohrer
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi folks,
Just received my Scholar Laptop briefcase. Wow! Across the country less than twenty-four hours after I placed my order. It is simply the finest quality briefcase I've ever seen; something I thought existed only in my dreams. The craftsmanship, styling, materials, attention to detail--and everything else about it--amazes me. In these days of high-priced, snazzily proffered junk, it is a true joy to find something so very well crafted at such a reasonable price. I am honestly impressed. Thank you.
C r e e d T a y l o r
Virginia Tech Internet Art Director
Senior Systems Analyst
Electronic Communications
University Relations
101-E Media
Blacksburg VA 24061

I received my customized Scholar laptop with pockets briefcase this afternoon -- on time and in great shape. The leather is beautiful, the craftsmanship could not be better and I am completely satisfied. I was very hesitant to order a $300 briefcase over the internet, but you have made this a wonderful experience. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and colleagues at every available opportunity.

I wish you continued success in the future,

Michael T. Marrah
Patent Attorney
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
One Metropolitan Square, Suite 3000
St. Louis, MO 63102
314.703.5303 CELL
314.259.5959 FAX

My Scholar with pockets

I am enormously pleased and happy with my new acquisition. I spent months paging through upscale catalogs, web sites, and ebay auctions (rather incautiously buying several *unfortunate* "vintage" briefbags). To spend $249.00 was nothing, especially considering the amount of time, money, and energy I had spent to locate the right bag for me. Just this morning (on its second day at work) a friend commented that I must have finally broke down and spent at least $500. If only I had found you guys a year ago!!

Christopher W. Skinner
Admissions Analyst
University of California, Santa Barbara
Phone: 805-893-2881
Fax: 805-893-2676

After futilely searching for the perfect briefcase for well over a year, I was excited to see the products pictured on your website. However, being a skeptic and somehow hard to please, I was a bit concerned about purchasing a case without the opportunity to inspect it first.
Encouraged by the testimonials from your customers, I took a leap of faith. After receiving my Scholar with three compartments (in Whiskey), I can say that I simply could not be more content. I had nearly given up hope that I would find a briefcase that had both the classic look and durability of cases made years ago. The Scholar has met all my expectations, and now, when I see "vintage" bags in a comparable price range that I had considered buying, they look pitifully inferior to your product. Thank you for a thoroughly satisfying buying experience.


Gregg M. Scully
Allentown, PA

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate the workmanship you put into my Scholar briefcase! The quality is impressive,and the attention to detail is impeccable. As you know I ordered a second briefcase before I received my first for a present . I have no doubts the President of our company will be as impressed as I was. Thank you for a quality product,timely delivery, and most of all your willingness to back your products. In this day and age there are too few companies willing to do what you do.

Richard Small
Exec. VP Sales & Marketing

I received my Slinger briefcase about a week ago, and I haven't had a chance until now to write a note of thanks and appreciation. I had been looking for a leather briefcase/bag for quite awhile and was getting discouraged by the quality of those I found in the various shops around town. I was looking for a high quality, rugged briefcase that didn't look too "briefcasey" and I was having no luck, until I found your website.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about ordering over the internet with only the pictures as a guide, but you were quick to reply to my emails and I was re-assured by your guarantee. Even so, I had my fingers crossed when the package arrived.

I could not be happier with my purchase. The construction and materials are obviously of the highest quality and workmanship. Just today I was at a bookstore and someone stopped me to admire the briefcase. I proudly showed off the Slinger, and directed them to your website.

Thank you for providing such a quality product. I carry it proudly.


Steve Rennells
Austin, Texas

I LOVE my convertible Barrister and the add-ons I requested (padding for a laptop, hardware substitutions, etc.) Your quality craftsmanship, materials used and most importantly, your superb customer service are second to none. You have retained me as a loyal customer!
You also custom made a leather laptop computer cover from a catalog page which fits perfectly and the quality is definitely better than the product from another company which originally offered it!
Highly recommended! THANK YOU!
Jean Hembree
Hayward, CA

"I just received and unpacked my Slinger briefcase and I must say you folks have produced an absolutely outstanding product. The materials and workmanship are superb - better than I could have ever imagined considering the amazingly low price. It is indeed a pleasant change to get more than was expected!
Thank you very much,"
Anthony Swenson

I received my Scholar Laptop w/ Pockets today, and I'm extremely impressed.
Like many of your customers, I'm sure, I was a tad nervous about ordering over the internet. But, my fears were for naught: the briefcase is obviously well-made and extremely nice looking. It's always a pleasure to find a company that "does it right." Thanks for your quality work!

Thomas M. Crisp
Doctoral Candidate
University of Notre Dame

Ty (Reproduction Manager),

Great job on the briefcase! And what a super handle!

The workmanship is fabulous. I very much appreciate all the care and attention you devoted to this job Briefcases tend to be very personal items for some people, very much a part of their lives. I had always favored a style of briefcase that went out of favor 40 years ago. You've managed to make a superb copy of a 1945 US Army briefcase that was literally crumbling away! Many thanks for the fine work, speedy turnaround and especially, the attention to detail.
Please feel free to count on me as a testimonial.
All Best regards,

I received my briefcase on Wednesday evening. I must say that you all do very nice work. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Even more so because normally I would have bought this at a store not via the internet. Please use me as a reference if you would like and I will tell everyone that asks about the case where I purchased it.

A satisfied customer,

Brent E. Anderson

The modified Durango came as promised. Well made with a unique handmade sense it made me smile. The case was trim yet would carry my laptop and it served my need to have a reasonably priced yet unique case.
If all your customers feel as I do you will have a loyal pleased customer base. Please feel free to use this letter as you see fit.
Again thanks for the promptness, the courtesy, the craftsmanship and the good value. The internet in this circumstance represents a source of pleasure and good will.

Richard Friedell M.D. (Cleveland, Oh)

I received my Barrister today. It is gorgeous-a real classic that will last and look great for years.
Glad I ordered!

Mary P. Fagan. (Middleport, NY)

I received your large Original backpack about two weeks ago. I thought you would like to know that this is the best backpack I have ever owned. I will continue using your leather gear. It has quality workmanship and materials.
Thank you.

Dr. Michael Whitmore (Acworth, GA)

I have just received my Original backpack today, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I am very pleased with your excellent craftsmanship and your prompt and responsive service. Thank you!!

Linh H. Le (Houston, TX)

I just received my Slinger briefcase by UPS. Its GREAT. If it lasts as well as it looks I am going to enjoy it a lot.
You shipped it fast and I especially liked the UPS tracking.
I will recommend you to my friends.

Thanks alot
Dan Foster
Austin, Texas

I received my custom made Scholar briefcase today and it is perfect. I thank you very much for making this superb item and I will tell others that I work with of your products.
Please feel free to use this correspondence on your Web site. Again, thank you very much!

Thomas Bartoszek
Ft. Riley, Kansas

I am extremely happy with my custom made briefcase. Thank you for doing such a good job.

Matthew W. Sivils
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Dear Sirs;
The Original backpack arrived without a problem. Quality of the backpack is more than I anticipated.
Your workmanship is to be commended. I will surely advice others to buy your products.
Thank you for your assist.

Jose Garcia M.D.
Bellaire, Texas

The custom made Advocate briefcase you made for me is beautiful, and looks very well made. I really appreciate the excellent craftsmanship. Good job, and thank you.

Tom Tozer
Flossmoor, Illinois

I received my husband`s Scholar briefcase yesterday.
It was even nicer than I expected. The leather seems to be very sturdy. Most briefcases are too flimsy and wear out quickly. Thank you for all your help. We are very pleased with the bag!!

Jill & Scott Bashada
Feasterville, PA

I ordered both a large backpack and a Slinger, for my daughter, for Christmas. Although she is just 14 years old, she is taking all "honors-level" courses, and must carry an enormous supply of texts and other school-related materials. When I received your products, I was totally thrilled-the materials, the workmanship (and your prompt service/delivery) was impeccable! When my daughter opened her gifts, on Christmas, her eyes shone with pride and gratitude. Already, she teaches her own class, in American sign language. She plans to become an English teacher, someday, and she knows that, if she cares for these items, they will last for (if not a lifetime!) the duration of her career. Thank you, so very much, for making my child's holiday so memorable!!!

I received my custom briefcase, with provision for holster (reinforced strap in rear pocket with magnetic closures), and I wanted to thank you for the fine workmanship and let you know that it functions perfectly with various holsters clipped onto the strap. I am very pleased with my purchase and will recommend you when I can.

Thank you,
Judge David Gamble

My Advocate briefcase arrived and I am extremely impressed with the styling and the quality. I am an attorney that has carried a nylon bag for years because I couldn't find a leather briefcase I liked for a price I could justify. My family insisted that I look for a leather briefcase because it would look more professional. I searched the web for several days, but was discouraged by the price of name brand leather cases. When I came upon your site, I was impressed by the photos of your bags, and the prices seemed unbelievable. I was a bit skeptical to purchase a briefcase on the web without being able to look at it. When the case arrived, however, I almost felt guilty for buying such a nice bag for so little. You have a customer for life, and I will recommend you to all my friends.

You may use this e-mail as a testimonial on your website, if you like.

Thanks again,

Intellectual Property &Corporate Law
Mays & Valentine, LLP
4425 Corporation Lane, Ste. 420
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
757-518-3206 (direct dial)
757-518-3210 (fax)

I received my Slinger briefcase, and I must declare the complete delight experienced when I opened the box containing my order. The photo on your web site looked great, but the genuine article surpassed it's own internet image. This is an item I will use the rest of my life. It's sturdy construction and great looks make it a pleasure to use. I've been looking for a briefcase with that 1930's appeal and have not been able to find one anywhere that met my criteria, until I hit your site, this case has it all. The low price is unbelievable for a product of such high quality and excellent craftsmanship. If I ever need to upgrade to a bigger case, I will definitely order from Hide Design. Thank you for your quick delivery and a top notch product.

Michael A. Limoge

Please feel free to use this missive as a testimonial.

I received my brand new Scholar w/laptop two days ago. I'm totally happy with your product. It's impossible to find such a good price/value here in Switzerland.
Thank you very much, I will recommend your site to all my friends and colleagues.

Jean-Francois Probst
Strategic Consultant
TC Team Consult SA
Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Sir:

The two briefcases I ordered arrived the other day - a Scholar for my wife and a 3 compartment Scholar for me. They are beautiful and the quality of construction is outstanding. As we are both educators, we look forward to many years of service from our new briefcases. Thank you for your products and service.

John K. Lundy, Ph.D.
Vancouver, WA

My "Organizer" briefcase came as promised, and I was thrilled with the results. I have been shopping for a briefcase for over a year now. My boyfriend has started a new business, and I thought this would be a perfect gift. It was. He loved it. I had been saving for a Coach bag, and with their recent price increase (over twice what I paid for yours), I came to you. Your bag was better made, and had more of what I wanted. Thank you.

Olivia Luther
Menlo Park, CA

Customer Service:
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Custom Hide purchase.  I have ordered five backpacks in the last three years over the internet, only to return each and everyone of them.  My daytimer would not even fit in the last backpack I ordered.   I just received my order (Original Large) yesterday, and the product is absolutely beautiful.  I am also very pleased at the size.  I am able to fit all of my business/personal needs in the backpack.
Thanks again for such a wonderful product, and for making one of my online purchases a success!!
Kelly Browne

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